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storage technology

automated - optimized – flexible

Storage system featuring automatic loading via storage
and retrieval machines

The storage system is used during production to buffer products prior to a procedure that can only process homogeneous intermediate products even though they are supplied randomly by the preceding work process. Manual packing and unpacking of wheels and the associated forklift traffic belong to the past. A full inventory can be made automatically at any time.

Storage technology

Exemplary warehouse

  • Dimensions approx. 23x53x16,5 (LxWxH)
  • Storage and retrieval of items takes place in pairs
  • 23.660 compartments = 47.320 aluminum wheels
  • 1.000 stackings an hour = 2.000 aluminum wheels an hour
  • Stacking = storage plus retrieval
  • Random supply with route tracking for each item

Conveyor technology station
After the wheels have been recognized (e.g. via camera or data matrix code), pairs are formed in the conveyor technology station. Two identical items are arranged for storage on each shelf.

Centring station (see picture)
The two identical items are positioned for retrieval
by a storage and retrieval machine using overhead centring devices.

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