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Metal cutting technology

Metal cutting technology

We are your reliable partner for Metal cutting technology. With high-precision machines and qualified employees, we manufacture precisely fitting and individually manufactured products for you.

We implement your wishes precisely and on time with the latest technology.

Metal cutting technology

Milling machines
Anayak FBZ HV 4000: 
X 4000 mm, Y 935mm, Z 930 mm,
5 axes and rotary table
FP3 lid: 
X 400 mm, Y 400 mm, Z 400 mm
FP4A lid:
X 500 mm, Y 400 mm, Z 400 mm
Lagun GBR 3 milling machine:
X 3000, Y 1200, Z 1500

Lathe machines
Conventional lathe machines:
Mexpol centre height before feed 380mm
over support 260 mm
Distance between centres 3,000 mm

Gildemeister CNC CTX 410 lathe machine
Tool turret with 12 stations
Tool drive on all stations
Distance between centres 400 mm

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